Welcome to the Toronto Bruce Trail Club

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What We Do

Every year we host public events with speakers who are involved with conservation projects in the Toronto area.

Our Conservation Committee volunteers help with planning and organizing these events, as well as staffing the information booths at various shows around the GTA where we are ambassadors for the Bruce Trail. And we are always seeking new members for our Conservation Committee itself for its year-round activity of planning.

You can help us with "indoor" projects like these events, or if you prefer getting your boots-on-the-ground and getting your hands dirty, we are always looking for help brush clearing, gardening, chain sawing, and other "outdoor" projects.

Other Conservation Events

Buckthorn Removal

Date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Calling on all volunteers to help remove this invasive species on BTC property near Limehouse, Ontario.

We'll be working in the morning, then join in the BTC Day bar-b-que and celebrations. For details and to register for this event, please send an email to conservationcommittee@torontobrucetrailclub.org.

Past Events ~ 2016

Annual Earth Day Events ~ April 2016
Every year we celebrate Earth Day with a theme which carries through the year, and a one day event on Earth Day that the Conservation Committee organizes.

Seventy people attended this third annual celebration of Earth Day appreciating the Wetlands – important and delicate ecosystems along the Bruce Trail that benefit people and wildlife. The day featured a morning hike, a noon barbecue and an afternoon of speakers.
Buckthorn Pulling Party - April 2016
In April eleven volunteers from the TBTC Conservation Committee and Crew eradicated over 100 buckthorn plants. Buckthorn is an invasive species in Southern Ontario. The small buckthorn fruits are eaten by birds that can't digest the seeds properly, and end up spreading the seeds throughout open fields. The plants also send up suckers (new saplings) where their stems are cut or broken by storms or animals passing by. As a result, this invasive species has crowded out native plants and created its own virtual forest on our Springle property.

Our team of conservationists opened up a small clearing where native wildflowers and grasses can now grow, and allowing space for the development of a new sidetrail.

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Past Events ~ 2015

Pollinators: Bees, Butterflies, and Birds
  • Guest speakers taught us about these pollinators and what we can do to help them
  • Bluebird houses and bee boxes were built and mounted near Limehouse
  • Milkweed seedlings were planted to attract Monarch butterflies
  • Guides led us on nature rambles, focussing on the natural environment

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