Club Has New Youth Hiker Badge

It’s official – the Young Hiker badge is here!

Incredibly, the badges arrived from our supplier ahead of schedule (!) on Tuesday. Board Member Alina Lin, in charge of Public Relations and Education and the brains behind this badge, sprang into action. She found a group of happy young hikers on the Terra Cotta section of the trail the very next day, and, thanks to her, the first badges have already be

been awarded. Below you can see the proud faces of our very first recipients, with their moms.
How can I earn this badge? You must be no more than thirteen years old, and you must complete at least one hike

on the Toronto section that is at least 3 km long or that takes at least one hour. You can hike with your family or other adults as appropriate during the lockdown, and once the lockdown is lifted, you will be able to hike as part of TBTC organized hikes or with family/school/clubs etc.

What do I do once I meet the requirements? You need to send us:

  • a report about your hike (the date you hiked, the distance or duration, and the section of trail)
  • an email address and/or phone number where we can reach you
  • the name ofyour school
  • your family’s Bruce Trail membership number if your family has one
  • a stamped, self-addressed envelope so we can send you the badge

Send the package to Jude Keast, Toronto Bruce Trail Club, P.O. Box 597, 2938 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON, M6P 4E7

Do I have to pay for the badge? No, you don’t! This badge is free to anyone who qualifies. We’re just excited that you are hiking on our trail.

(And here’s a note to our adults and older youth: This is the only one of the Club’s badges where we don’t ask you to pay. With all our other badges, we ask you to send $5 to cover costs.)

Special thanks to the two creative people who supported this initiative through their artistic talents: Fred Berktin – hand drawing designer, and Shawna Reeve  – digital designer.