Credit Valley Trail expands in Georgetown

The Credit Valley Trail continues to expand. There is a new section of trail in Georgetown that is part of the much longer Credit Valley Trail (CVT) now being builtthat will run from Lake Ontario up to Orangeville. The Town of Halton Hills, in partnership with the Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)  and Upper Canada College (UCC) recently had an official opening of a new trail built to town standards.

It is located on UUC lands just on the western edge of Norval, along HWY 7. The attached photo shows the new trail in the black dotted line, and circled in blue highlighter, which has signage from CVC, THH and UCC. The trail runs through a lovely forest of mature pines that were planted by UCC students back in the early 20th century when this was farmland. The new piece of trail is most easily accessed from the end of McFarlane DR, behind the Esso station, and there is parking along the road.

The plan is to have the trail connect with the community of Norval and Willow Park at the eastern end. At the western end, it will eventually connect with the Credit Valley Footpath (across the Credit River), which is now a Side Trail of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. For more information on the CVT, see   Credit Valley Trail For more information on the Credit Valley Footpath, see the BTC app available at  Bruce Trail Sections and Maps |