Explore Georgetown’s ‘Hungry Hollow’ Valley Trail

There’s a lovely valley trail that meanders along Silver Creek in Georgetown, filled with many boardwalks, mature trees, with wetlands and well-maintained pathways.

This hiking path is a well kept secret close that is close to Toronto and ideal for beginners as it is free of rocks, tree roots and has mostly flat stretches. Known locally as Hungry Hollow, the 4 kilometre trail extends from Hall Road, near Highway 7, to the Eighth Line. The 150-hectare property boasts 450 plant species, 90 different types of birds and 17 species of mammals that make the valley their home. This summer, a new section was completed through a wetlands area.

At each trail merge, there is signage providing you with guidance on which path to take next. Generally, you want to follow Silver Creek (a tributary to the Credit River) along the valley floor, in an east-west direction. The Bruce Trail app doesn’t show the trail, as it is not part of our side trails. Just ask a local if you are lost!

Once at Eighth Line, locals sometimes head south on that road up a hill for about 150 metres to buy an ice cream at Allison’s Market. On your return, there are several loops you can take to vary your trail experience for an 8 km round trip back to your car. Or, you can turn north, towards downtown along the Eighth Line, exploring two more boardwalks that will eventually take you to the downtown for a 6.6 km one way adventure.

There is ample parking at the end of Hall Road, which is accessible from Highway 7. Finish off your hike with a lunch at one of  two popular family-friendly taverns: The Shepherd’s Crook on Main Street or the St. George on Guelph Street (Highway 7).

Directions: From Toronto take the 401 and then Winston Churchill North. Turn left onto Highway 7 for 1.6 k, then turn left at Hall Road.