Become a Hike Leader

If you are someone who loves to hike and you enjoy sharing that love with others, consider signing up for hike leader training that is being offered by the Toronto Bruce Trail Club (TBTC) in conjunction with Hike Ontario.

Training for 2024 will be June 5 and 12, with an outdoor session to be held on the 15th of June.

If you would like to learn more about the course and leading hikes, please join current Toronto Club hike leaders for a “Hike Leaders Hike” on Sunday April 14, 2024. There will be an opportunity to chat with Hike Leaders who have completed the training as well as an optional social afterwards. Register via the BTC Hike Calendar after April 2.

Course Content includes risk management, leadership, trail guides, navigation, outdoor techniques, environmental protection, hike planning, and practical problem solving on a group hike. A student manual will be provided electronically in advance of the first session. Participants will complete an assignment between the two sessions and present a portion of it during the second session. A mandatory training session on inputting hikes into the BTC online schedule, offered online in the evening, will be organized by TBTC hike leaders within one month of the Hike Ontario training.

Additional requirements: “Level C” first aid training, including CPR/AED, must be completed in order to qualify for leading TBTC hikes. As well, three apprentice hikes and a graduation hike to be completed within one year of the Hike Ontario training. These hikes are to include an urban hike, a car hike, and a bus hike (or two of one and one of another), each with a different hike leader, and potential hike leaders will be assessed on their performance. Finally, a Graduation Hike, designed by the potential hike leader and approved by the TBTC Hiking Director, must be executed. A hike leader will accompany the graduation hike and provide an assessment.

Cost: TBTC members’ costs are covered by the Bruce Trail Conservancy. Complete cost of First Aid training will be reimbursed once the new Hike Leader has led three hikes after their training.  

To register for the Hike Leader training, please contact Jacquie Van Dyke at after April 15. You must be a current member of the TBTC and have participated in several of its organized hikes. The number of spaces is limited so register early. Please provide Jacquie with your first and last name, your email address, and your BTC number (which will be verified).


Contact Jacquie Van Dyke (TBTC Hike Leader Training Committee Chair) at

  • First Aid

    Level “C” first aid training, including CPR/AED must be completed before you begin leading hikes. Once you have led three hikes, you will be reimbursed for the first aid course.

  • Practical experience

    Be familiar with the Toronto Section of the Bruce Trail. You should also have participated in at least three organized hikes offered by the TBTC. This way, you will have seen how hikes are led.

  • Qualifying hikes

    After completing the hike leader course, you are expected to serve as an assistant leader on three hikes. Then one further hike which you plan and lead but with a certified leader in attendance.

  • The Cost

    The cost of the course, offered by the TBTC in conjunction with Hike Ontario, is $60. This cost will be covered by the Bruce Trail Conservancy upon course completion.

Become a Hike Leader today!

For more information contact: Jacquie Van Dyke

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