History of Toronto Section Side Trail Naming

History of Toronto Section Side Trail Naming

Ever wonder how our Toronto section side trails were named? Thanks to Past President Malcolm Sanderson who keeps record of our past, we can provide an overview

(George) Roberts Side Trail

TBC Board of Directors 1971-1973; Many years as a Trail Captain; BTA President 1976-1977

Brown Benton Side Trail
Brown and Benton families were adjacent land-owners on 14th Line, who let the trail cross their properties.

Bennett Heritage Side Trail
The Bennett Family bequeathed Scotsdale Farm to Ontario Heritage Trust in 1982. The Trail first went through that area circa 1988, as main trail.

Maureen Smith Side Trail

Joined TBTC Board in 1985; Public Relations Director 1986-1987; President 1988-1991; Trail Maintenance Director 1999-2001; Landowner Relations Director 2010-2012; Founded the Halton Hills Chapter in 2000; Member of TBTC Land Management Committee 2006-2014.

Todd Bardes Side Trail

First joined TBTC Board in 1999; Hiking Director 1999 – 2001; President 2001-2003, 2012-2015; Publications Director 2003; member of BTC Board 2011-2012; Chair od BTC Land Stewardship Committee; Chair of Hike Ontario; Land Steward; Hike Leader.

Charles Hildebrandt

Long-time Hike Leader; set up first Toronto Club snowshoe hikes in 1974. Also led international hiking trips; on TBTC 1984 Nominating Committee.

(Jim) Vanderleck Side Trail

Hike Leader from 1980; Many years as a Trail Captain.

Cliff Hatch Side Trail

Request for a side trail came from BTC. The Joan and Clifford Hatch Foundation is a major donor to BTC, this side trail is in recognition of those donations.

Al Shaw Side Trail

Al Shaw went to his first Toronto Club meeting in November 1963. From then on, he was active in trail development and maintenance, including many years as a Trail Captain.

Philip Gosling Side Trail

One of the four co-founders of the Bruce Trail, Philip is the one who put the trail on the ground, organizing local clubs and helping plan the route; BTC Honorary President; Major Donor to BTC.