New Hike Registration System To Be Launched

The way you register for the TBTC-led hikes has changed. From now on, you will register using your BTC login, on the website.

“The changes are good ones and I’m excited about them,” says Hiking Director David Royle. “The new system has many features that hikers and hike leaders from all 9 clubs have asked for. It’s a unified system that makes it easier for our hikers to register for other clubs’ hikes and vice versa: one common link to register for all Bruce Trail hikes.”

Note that for the moment, the Toronto hike program remains on pause while our hike leaders are trained on the new system. You can expect to see Toronto hikes beginning July 10, with registration opening June 26. They will be aligned with Ontario’s 3-step plan for re-opening.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All BTC members can register for hikes with any of the 9 BTC clubs through the same portal.
  • The Hike Calendar on the BTC website ( is a unified calendar that displays hikes for all of the 9 clubs.
  • Hikes are colour-coded to indicate the sponsoring club. Hikes led by Toronto hike leaders have a green background. You can limit the display to TBTC hikes by clicking on the Toronto tab above the calendar. Note Toronto currently has no hikes listed.
  • The description for each hike contains an embedded registration link. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked for your BTC member login before you can proceed.
  • If the hike is full the form allows you to be added to a waitlist.
  • “My Hikes” is a record of all the hikes for which you are registered or are on the waitlist. You can cancel hike registrations from here, and can remove your name from waitlists.
  • When you cancel your registration for a hike that has an existing waitlist, the person at the top of the waitlist is automatically registered and is notified by email.

Note: In phases 1 and 2 of the re-opening plan only members are able to register for hikes. Functionality for non-members will be added when Ontario enters phase 3. For details on the re-opening plan for the hiking program, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I expect to see a TBTC-led hike in the calendar?
A: The opening date for our Club’s hikes is July 10. TBTC hikes will be visible on the calendar and available for you to register 2 weeks before this time (June 26).

Q: Why do we have to wait until June 26 for the registration for TBTC hikes to open? Other Clubs are already showing posted hikes.
A: Other BTC Clubs have been using a previous version of the system for some time already, but it is new for our Toronto hike leaders. TBTC needs time to properly train and instruct our hike leaders on procedures for entering hikes and any new policies arising from the change.

Q: As a TBTC member, can I register for hikes with other Clubs before June 26?
A: Yes. This is one of the benefits of the new system. The hike description will let you know if there is space available on the hike.

Q: Will preferential treatment be given to Toronto Club members for Toronto-led hikes on the new registration system?
A: No. This is not a change from past practice. Other clubs were already able to view our Toronto hike calendar and were welcome to register for our hikes. We do not anticipate problems but we will monitor registration patterns.

Q: If I am on the wait list, how will I be notified if a spot becomes available?
A: The system will send you an automatic email telling you that a spot has opened up on the hike you are interested in.
Q: Can I share a link about a hike with a friend who might want to go with me?
A: Yes. When you open the description of the hike, you will see a ribbon of icons below the heading, “Share this Hike”. This allows you to send the hike details via email or social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp).

Q: Can I register my family and sign the waiver form for them?  And a guest (when allowed)?
A: Yes. The waiver has been set up so the person submitting the registrations takes responsibility for other people they have registered and for ensuring the information is correct.

If you have more questions, contact

Thank you, everyone, for your patience, understanding and loyalty during these times. We look forward to welcoming you back on one our hikes soon!

Update about Hike Leader Training
We had a tremendous response to the announcement about hike leader training, says Jacquie VanDyke, chair of the Hike Leader Training Committee. The course filled very quickly, and a wait list has been set up for those who did not get in. TBTC and Hike Ontario are working on arranging an additional course.

“Please don’t send in any more requests for this course for now,” says Jacquie. “We have more names than we can handle, which is wonderful, but also challenging for the volunteer trainers. I will notify our members when we can open it up again.”