New Toronto Section Badge Celebrates 60 Year Anniversary of the first blaze

You can now celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the first blaze painted on the Bruce Trail with a new badge from the Toronto Club!

This badge honours our founders and literally 60 years of trail blazing by volunteers.  It also celebrates the painting of the first blaze on the Bruce Trail, which was painted at approximately kilometre 1.0 of our 50 km Section back in July of 1962. Starting today you can log your kms on either the main trail or side trails (or a combination of the two) in the Toronto section. You will have until June 28, 2023, to complete your journey and log your activity. While you can log your kms now, badges won’t be available to those who complete this distance until June 28, 2022. Why is June 28 significant?  That is the actual date when we, the Toronto Bruce Trail Club, will be celebrating our 60th anniversary!

In order to earn this badge one must: a) take a selfie beside the first blaze plaque at kilometre 1.0, and b) hike 60 kms of trail in the Toronto section.  Please note that you cannot use your kilometres hiked in earning this badge towards earning other badges.  That is, main trail hiked cannot be counted towards an end-to-end badge and side trails hiked cannot be counted towards a side trail badge.  If you hike an in and an out of a trail, you are allowed to count all of your kms hiked.  You cannot hike the same section more than one in and out.

So, with this announcement, you can start your journey for this badge. Let us know when you’ve completed it and send us pictures so we can feature you in our future communications. Good luck, happy anniversary, and happy trails.   The Toronto Club would like to thank Trevor Price for suggesting this badge.