Re-Launch of TBTC ad sponsorship program

In this month’s issue of E-Notes, you will see a new addition – sponsored ads. You will recall that Footnotes, the print forerunner of  E-Notes, regularly featured ads from approved organizations that provided information of interest to our club members. During our transition to an electronic news format those ads were paused.

In today’s E-Notes (and on our website) you will see advertisements from some of our past sponsors: Loops and Lattes hike guidebooks, Blaq Bear hikes and tours, ON, and Brown Rabbit Cabins in NFLD. We thank them for their support which helps the Club to conserve and preserve our beloved Bruce Trail. Board member Orest Nahacziwec created a digital strategy for sponsor ads and long-time volunteer Jude Keast has been managing our sponsor relationships. The Club will be selective in its choice of sponsors to ensure there is a balance of useful information to members. It will also limit the number of sponsors in your E-Notes to maintain a visually pleasing reading experience.