Remembering Bob Neale and Doug Sloan

We were saddened to hear that long time hike leader and Toronto Bruce Trail Club volunteer Bob Neale passed away on December 28th.

Bob’s bus hikes out of Islington were phenomenally popular, frequently requiring an extra bus to make sure everyone interested was able to participate. Bob’s qualities as a leader were highlighted by these large outings and the fact that we came back for more. Most, if not all, of Bob’s hikes were end to ends, giving those without their own vehicles or interest in driving the backroads of Ontario a chance to get badges for the various sections of the Trail. I started working with Bob on these hikes well before I became an officially certified hike leader and I learned a great deal from him on how to plan and manage these large scale outings.

Bob is survived by his wife Angelika who many of you will remember as his sweep and partner on the Trail we all love.

Doug Sloan

Sadly, Doug  Sloan passed away on December 16, 2021. Doug was born and grew up in Sarnia, Ontario, in a family with 3 sisters. Doug’s education was in math and physics and he had a long career teaching high school and researching environmental science.

In retirement, Doug became an avid hiker and supporter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. He mentored many hikers and always had hiking tales to tell. He completed his 50th End-to-End from Niagara to Tobermory in the summer of 2015. He did the 900+ km of trail from both directions numerous times and provided inspiration for many hikers with this accomplishment. Following that achievement, he stayed actively involved volunteering at club activities and he put in many hours with clippers and a mean saw as a trail captain in the Peninsula section.  Doug made many friends throughout his life and will be missed.