Shift in Bio-Break Procedure on Group Hikes for All Clubs

The Bruce Trail Conservancy has announced a new policy for bio-breaks that is intended to be inclusive to those identifying as non-binary. The previous practice for bio-breaks was for the hike leader to request that men go to one area and women to another area.  Club Hike Directors have been communicating the new policy down to the hiker leaders. There are two options with the new revisions:

  • Bio-breaks are divided into three zones: those identifying as males in one area, those identifying as females in another area and a third universal area for those requiring extra privacy.
  • The hike leader asks the group to find a private area and rejoin the group once you are finished

The guidelines state: “Group bio-breaks are planned to ensure hikers stay together, to preserve biologically sensitive areas, and to ensure adequate screening for privacy.”  Adds TBTC Hike Director Tom Swales, “The Bruce Trail Conservancy and the Toronto Bruce Trail club recognize that the people joining our hikes come from an increasingly diverse population and the need to adapt in ways that allow everyone to continue to feel welcome whenever they join our activities. The updated protocol was developed with much thought to address everyone’s needs while ensuring the level of comfort, privacy, and dignity every hiker expects while on the trail with our group hikes. “Many hike leaders from the 9 clubs have been receiving training sessions for gender inclusion with video resources available for those who weren’t able to attend.