TBTC wins Award for Trail Maintenance

As announced at the recent BTC AGM, the Toronto Bruce Trail Club won the Philip and Jean Gosling Award for the bridge our Club built between Appleby Road and Campbellville Road last year.  The award is “Awarded annually to the Bruce Trail Club completing the year’s most significant trail project which improves or protects the environment”.

Congratulations to our Trail Maintenance Director, Marlis Butcher, and her awesome team of volunteers, Pete P, Paul V, Peter L, Rose Mary, Dave P, Lois, Jude, Peter K, John B, Andre, John C, Janet M, David R, Byron, Chris, Brad, Sara, Richard, Ken, Paul F, Klaus, Daryl, Ron, John F, and everyone else who had a hand in helping to replace the old “Campbellville” bridge.

You can read the full story of the building of the bridge in  this article that appeared in the January 2020 issue of E-Notes.