Toronto’s Sept 9-10 Annual End-to-End had over 100 hikers take part

September 9-10 were beautiful days to be walking in the woods – a special bonus if you had challenged yourself to complete the entire 50k path along the Toronto section.  The annual Toronto Club’s End-to-End event brought smiles, blisters, a rewarding finish, and a great sense of accomplishment.

In total, 68 hikers finished the two-day event (28 km the first day and 22 km the second day) and 35 hikers completed the one-day event on Saturday (an option that is offered every other year). The weather was near perfect and event coordinator Jacqueline Van Dyke received many compliments about the condition of the trails, the delicious snacks, and the overall organization of the event.

“The highlights for me are always seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when they finish.” says Jacqueline. “It doesn’t matter if it’s their first time or their 14th time, everyone is so pleased to get their badge and appreciate reaching their goal. Some have trained for many months and there are some very determined people!”

There were hikers of all speeds and abilities, each determined to complete their E2E. Some were trying to finish first while others were rising to the challenge of completing their first E2E event of this nature.

Jacqueline was extremely grateful for the 20+ volunteers who helped prepare for the event beforehand and over the weekend. Volunteers provided assistance at the checkpoints, cheered on hikers and offered delicious snacks and water. In particular, Jacqueline’s second-in-command, Linda and her husband David, have been involved with the End-to-End for 25 years, sending emails, coordinating permits and providing organizational support.

All volunteers are greatly appreciated in all the ways they provide assistance to make this event a success. They brought home-made cookies, created a foot-care station, and cheered with positive messages of support. Volunteers came from the Toronto Club, but also from other clubs. Twelve members of the Club’s trail maintenance team spent time on the Labour Day long weekend making sure the trails were in good shape.  To see more photos of the event go here.