Volunteers Needed – Trail Captains:

Volunteers Needed – Trail Captains:
The Club has 115 kilometers of main trail and side trails, all of which require ongoing maintenance.

Each of our dedicated Trail Captains is responsible for the basic maintenance of an approximately 2-kilometer long sector of trail. As a Trail Captain, your work will involve:

  • Clearing branches and weeds encroaching onto the trail at least twice a year.
  • Ensuring the blazes are visible, repainting when required.
  • Removing litter to keep the trail clean.
  • Reporting any significant issues such as fallen trees or structures in need of repairs.
  • Conducting formal inspections of trail conditions three times a year and submitting reports.

Training, tools, and equipment will be provided to Trail Captains. However, it is essential for Trail Captains to have their own transportation to and from their assigned trail sector.

We currently have a few trail sectors that require new volunteer Trail Captains. If you are interested in maintaining a trail section and have the necessary ability to perform this work, please contact us via email at volunteer@torontobrucetrailclub.org.