Annual Report

 David Royle, President

Message from President David Royle

I am fortunate to be working with an exceptional Board of Directors. Our volunteers are providing their voices, their creativity, their passion and their leadership to help advance our mission. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the TBTC Board of Directors many of whom fulfill dual roles on the board and for the BTC. They include Louise Kent, Graham Allen, Karen Hanson, Margaret Corner, Alina Lin, Peter Pritchard, Lauren Thibault, Rhea Rasquinha, David Rowney, Neil Stein, Rose-Mary Mitter, Tom Swales and Juliet Williams. Without their work many of the club activities would not occur.

The outdoors, as we know, are good for our hearts, bodies and minds. Everyone deserves opportunities to benefit from time in nature. Our Board of Directors has embraced our Club’s commitment to making sure that a sense of belonging is like second nature, for everyone.

+ We nurture and grow our culture of giving to ensure our Club is resourced to preserve and conserve the rich biodiversity of the Bruce Trail Conservancy corridor.

+ We maximize technology and innovation to reach out to create partnerships with schools, community, and business alliances

+ We reaffirm what we value with our ongoing commitment and action to Diversity and Inclusion to better represent our membership and the GTA

Our Club formed a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Team. This team knows how important the sense of belonging is, but at the same time they recognize there are barriers in our society that prevent some from feeling welcome and included on trails and public land. The Toronto Bruce Trail Club Board of Directors want to welcome everyone into the hiking community. We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of the work our trail volunteers undertake. Also, we believe a diverse, engaged and growing community is vital for the future of the trails we love.

Our members will be the strongest champion for trails if it builds connections across identities and honours open dialogue about how we can all do better.

TBTC Constitution

April 2024 Motion to Amend TBTC Constitution

April 2024 Directors’ Package Contains the following:

  • Minutes of the 2023 TBTC Annual General Meeting
  • Reports from your TBTC Board of Directors
  • 2023 Financials and 2024 Budget
  • Election of the 2024-2025 TBTC Board of Directors

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