How to Report Trail Issues to your Maintenance Volunteers 

The Toronto Club section is maintained by many friendly and hard-working volunteers. Please consider helping them by reporting trail issues as you hike. These may include issues such as trees or branches down, high weeds, treadway erosion, wet areas, tripping hazards, structures such as boardwalks, bridges, side logging, steps and stiles in need of repair, or nonpermitted uses such as hunting hides, mountain bikes or ATV’s on our trails.

If you can, try to provide as accurate a location as possible in your report. Consider using a GPS reading and the pin function of the latest Bruce Trail app and then send a screen shot to us. GPS coordinates provide the most accurate location for your reporting. To understand various options for how you can locate a specific spot on the trail, we’ve provided these links.

Attaching your contact information, a photo from your phone/camera and a description of the issue is very helpful so we can more easily evaluate what our crews need to do to fix the issue.

You can report a trail issue by emailing us at .

If you think a particular area is being maintained well, praise is also appreciated. Our trail maintenance captains provide three reports per year on trail issues. With their efforts, special trail maintenance work crews and regular audits, we are doing our best to keep the trails well maintained. With your support it can get even better!

Thank you for being good stewards of the trail.

– – Neal Stein, on behalf of the Toronto Club’s Trail Maintenance team