Valentines Day – Two Hikers Meet Their Match On The Trails

This Valentines Day, we ask, “Where did you first meet your special sweetheart?” Not surprising, some TBTC club members have met their soulmate while hiking. That was the case with David Royle and Brenda Menezes.

David is currently the Toronto Club President. He came to Canada from the U.K. as a teacher in 1984 and soon after became involved with our bus hike program. Meanwhile, Brenda, too was active hiking with the Club while working at Princess Margaret Hospital as a nurse. A last-minute spot opened up on a bus hike to the Caledon Rail Trail. Luckily for David, Brenda didn’t miss that bus because the rest is history.

They started talking and soon hit it off, with more hikes to come in the future. In fact, their first date was a hike along the pathways on the Toronto Island. As children entered the picture, bus hikes gave way to family car or urban hikes, with kids in backpack carriers.

“Hiking has strengthened our relationship,” says Brenda. They were both drawn to the outdoors and appreciated the chance to be outside to get away from the stress of their jobs, she says. “And it was something we were able to enjoy as a family,” she says, fondly remembering vacation trips to the south end of the Bruce Peninsula.

David became a hike leader in 2012 and Brenda followed in 2018. They especially are drawn to winter trips and the chance to get out their snowshoes for trips up north.